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Altrim Publishers was created from the personal urge of Ariadna A. Garreta to combine, in a unique manner, architecture buildings and new traveling experiences. Traveling experiences that go beyond sightseeing but also offer a local daily life approach that will allow you to mingle with the place’s culture.

Altrim Publishers and the local team of architects devoted to providing the best experience in each of the cities offered, are convinced to make the traveler’s life easier, by ensuring the safety feeling that nothing worth being seen will be missed during your journey.

Our Pricing

  • 1 Day Chandigarh Top 10
  • Price per Person
$70 1 /pp
  • 2 Day Architecture Tour
  • Price per Person
$100 1 /pp
  • 1 Day Chandigarh Highlights
  • Price per Person
$50 1 /pp

Our Cities


Chandigarh is a unique city, besides being one of the newest cities of the twentieth century that is characterized by the seal of Le Corbusier. Visiting the city you will also find the work of a large team of Indian modernist architects.


Jaipur is a melting pot of Rajput, Mughal and several other cultures and is also the seat of a generous amount of vernacular tradition. Contemporary architecture infuses new forms with the legacy of the past and the spirit of place.


The architecture of Ahmedabad ranges from the ancient to the very modern, from the Mughals to the last works of the contemporary Indian architects, including Le Corbusier and L. Kahn buildings.

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