Meet our Directors and Curators

Ariadna A. Garreta

CEO and Director ATG

Ariadna A. Garreta is an architect, editor and advisor.

In 2010, She founded the Barcelona-based publishing company Altrim Publishers to provide a new platform for the promotion of the architecture and city planning focused in India and Southeast Asia. In 2012 she settled at Chandigarh (India) where she has been developing a series of books guides under the title of Southeast Asia & Indian Architectural Travel Guides.

A proficient architect, engaging writer and fervent traveler Ariadna has been a pioneer in architectural guide books publications in India.

Dr. Avita Khawas

CEO and Director of WalkaroundIndia ATG

Dr. Avita Khawas is a Ph.D. holder in Heritage Tourism who combines her passion for travel with her unmatched expertise in the field to curate a range of uniquely diverse itineraries. Being an experienced traveller and an ardent heritage and architecture crusader, she has researched the uncarved history of India. With WalkAroundIndia ATG, she not only helps one understand various structures and destination but also the philosophy behind them.

An expert guide, fervent traveler and a wonderful host, Dr. Avita Khawas has made her name in the architectural travel in India.

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