A day in Chandigarh

March 9, 2015 - 5 minutes read

Our Editor in Chief’s Holi

Traveling can be exhausting, but the feeling of not wanting to miss anything and wanting to learn as much as possible from the culture we are visiting is sometimes too strong, so we usually end up more fatigued that in our daily life routine. This is why we are offering a doable plan in Chandigarh that will give you ideas to combine both the tourist side of traveling, and the indulgence your body need after the endless walking.

1. Start off in the right foot!

Energizing is vital to stay happy and active all day! And there is a lot to see and walk in Chandigarh, which means you are likely going to need it! So what about an Indian smoothy? AJA Restaurant has a wide variety of healhy options, not only juices. But we are in India, aren’t we? So why don’t we do a veggie breakfast and take a Blueberry smoothie?. We’ll promise you’ll be energetic enough to crack every single building and spot in Chandigarh!

2. What to see.

Well, this might be the easiest step! Take your Chandigarh Architectural Travel Guide with you and choose the itinerary that better suits your needs and wishes for that day. We have 11 different options so you always have a route that better fits your interests. If you are going all in you might consider taking the longer tours, such as the Leisure Valle tour, or you might want to combine different things and do two short tours with a lunch stop in between such as the Museum Complex in the morning and the City Center after lunch. So off you go!

3. Time to eat again

Well, you have probably done a lot so far and the walking and learning will have made you hungry. Here are some options:

– Swagath: This popular restaurant in Chandigarh offer Indian cuisine dishes. Also located centrally so, if you were to do the City Center tour later on that day, it would be a suitable location.

– Gopals Sweets Restaurant & Cake Shop: you might be into a more light snack at noon to continue strong during the rest of the day. If that is the case this place will delight you. Don’t worry, it offer not only sweets, but also great sandwiches.

4. We are not done yet!

We still have the afternoon to visit those things we couldn’t during the morning. Chandigarh usually has a gentle weather, not like the Rajasthan area, where you will have to wake up really early in the morning to avoid the noon hot air afterwards. So let’s go, we know what we have to do, just follow the guide’s recommendations. Isn’t that convenient?


Rock Garden’s Waterfall (source)

5. We made it!

You are done walking for the day, what about giving yourself a little treat and going to O2 Spa? Wouldn’t a foot massage be nice right now? I bet it would. O2 Spa is one of the best Spas in the city of Chandigarh, so we highly encourage you to try it.

If you are not into massages and spas and want to relax reading a book, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is a great spot! This place offers great coffee and as well as a great tea selection. So you don’t have to worry about whether you rather have coffee over tea beforehand.

6. Nightlife

Now that you are feeling awesome, let’s have some night fun! You want local food for dinner, don’t you? Well, Pashtun is a great place in Sector 35 that will satisfy your Indian cravings. This is not an only veg restaurant and we highly encourage you to try the Methi chicken. If you also looking for a fun dance, The Blue Blazer will provide the set up for a fun night.

All there is left is your adventurous side to come out and decide to travel to Chandigarh. If you liked this post and being help out during your journey, check out what the Chandigarh Architectural Travel Guide could do for you!

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